What are different types of nail art that nail salons offer?


  • Best answer by Tierra G.

    Nail salons offer a lot of variety when it comes to nail art. When I worked in a salon as a teenager Airbrush nail art was the latest trend. Also, nail deco art stickers are very popular when you want something that most people don't have and they are easy for the nail technician to apply. I see lots of ladies wearing the rhinestone designs on the fingers as well. Rhinestones add the right amount of bling to your nails. Your licensed nail tech can apply the rhinestones for you in any design you like. 3D nail art is all the rage. These little ceramic art decorations are very cute and unique. If you want to step out the box, then 3-D art will be your go to nail art. Nail technicians are also skilled in creating custom designs using paint brushes. Most salons have examples of their work for you to choose from if you are undecided in what design you want. Provide an accurate description of what you want to your nail technician.

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