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  • 8.8
    Shoe Repair
    35 N Wells St, Loop, Chicago

    Just walked in and was helped in less than 30 seconds. Took only a few minutes and for 6 keys it was only $15. Very friendly when I called to ask about...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Carrie D.
  • 8.7
    Shoe Repair
    55 E Monroe St, Loop, Chicago

    Wonderful service!!! A heel on my boots completely broke off and even though I no longer had the heel the man was able to replace both heels. So now my...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Sabrina B.
  • 8.3
    Shoe Repair
    70 E Lake St, Loop, Chicago

    I broke the tip of a heel off of a sandal that I really wanted to wear to an event this weekend. I looked on Yelp and saw that Imperial Shoe Crafters was...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Laura G.
  • 7.9
    Shoe Repair
    318 S Dearborn St, Loop, Chicago

    Best in the city. These guys are top notch and I couldn't recommend them more. I have a couple pairs of expensive shoes that get a lot of use and they make...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Dirk D.
  • 7.7
    Shoe Repair
    203 N La Salle St, Loop, Chicago

    I'll have to update when I get my shoes repaired. I went in seeking information about the services, and what Sam could do for my scuffed boots. I didn't...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Megan F.
  • 7.6
    Dry Cleaner, Shoe Repair
    200 E Randolph St, Lower West Side, Chicago

    Winter was coming and the zipper in my super warm light long down coat was ruined in my dryer (completely ripped off the end of the zipper). I took my coat...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Jo K.
  • 7.2
    Shoe Repair
    55 E Randolph St, Loop, Chicago

    I invested in some leather boots a few years ago and wore the soles and heels down to nothing. I took them to a dry cleaner/shoe repair place in my...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Carri A.
  • 7.1
    Shoe Repair
    69 W Washington St, Chicago

    I never had a professional shoe shine in my memory until I stumbled upon Ace Shoe Clinic while renewing my IL Drivers License across the hall. The main...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo John Y.
  • 7.0
    Shoe Repair
    25 E Washington St, Loop, Chicago

    It's fall, time for my cache of little black high heel ankle boots to come out of hiding. One pair, in particular, makes me look supermodel-tall. I bought...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Erika G.
  • 6.9
    Shoe Repair
    222 Merchandise Mart Plz, Near North Side, Chicago

    Chicago's weather is about as friendly as the folks that work at the DMV, so if you're in town for some sort of convention there's a good chance your shoes...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Danny W.