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  • 9.4
    Tattoo Parlor
    115 Grand St, Brooklyn
    $60 for a Ear Piercing

    I'm going to list the reasons Eight of Swords is a great tattoo shop. 1) There is a cat named Baby D who will greet you and play with you while you...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Kristy R.
  • 8.9
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    329 6th Ave, New York
    $50 for a Ear Piercing

    I initially went to a piercing shop right next door to Mischief simply because it was the first shop my friend and I passed walking up the block. When we...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Endeshia B.
  • 8.8
    Piercing Shop, Jewelry Store
    653 Broadway, Greenwich Village, New York

    Venus by Maria Tash doesn't cut corners when it comes to procedural protocols. They are clean, professional and friendly. Came here to get piercings that...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Khrystia G.
  • 8.7
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    116 MacDougal St, Manhattan
    $70 for a Ear Piercing

    Sam the owner is great! He is very patient and explains in detail what he is going to do and why. A couple days later, my ear had gotten swollen and the bar...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo J L.
  • 7.9
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    17 Saint Marks Pl, New York
    $50 for a Ear Piercing

    Got my first tattoo here and didn't regret a minute of it. My sister and I were looking for tattoo shops around the area and we went into one where we were...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Sabrina T.
  • 7.4
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    87 Christopher St, New York
    $50 for a Ear Piercing

    I bought a pair of earrings online months ago that I have never been able to get into my ears. These 4 gauge steel earrings need a pair of special pliers...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Jennifer W.
  • 7.2
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    311 Avenue of the Americas, Greenwich Village, New York
    $50 for a Ear Piercing

    Go to this place and ask for Sean if you want to make a really informed, educated decision about a smoke accessory. We went to buy the Pax 2 and he opened...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Jackie M.
  • 7.1
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    27 St Marks Pl, New York
    $40 for a Ear Piercing

    Supremely satisfied with my decision to come to Addiction for my nose piercing .. I'd been putting it off for months since one of my jobs doesn't approve...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Souvany A.
  • 7.1
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    128 2nd Ave, New York
    $15 for a Ear Piercing

    I never went inside of the store so I can only comment on the outside experience. This is the typical NYC touristy stuff store, sunglasses, scarfs, etc on...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Deborah M.
  • 7.1
    Tattoo Parlor, Piercing Shop
    33 Saint Marks Pl, New York
    $40 for a Ear Piercing

    Staff is so friendly and make you feel comfortable while your getting piercings done. They are very clean. I have three tattoos and three piercings from...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Tiffani G.