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  • 8.8
    Nail Salon
    70 NW 2nd St, Gresham
    $12 for a Manicure

    LOVED this place. Coming from California where we have nail salons on every corner, it was difficult to find a legit place here. I found File U Fancy...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Raquel L.
  • 8.6
    Day Spa, Hair Salon
    231 N Main St, Gresham
    $20 for a Manicure

    Lori Anderson at Brilliance Salon has been doing my brows for over ten years. She does a remarkable job. She takes the time to make sure they are absolutely...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Dana D.
  • 8.3
    Nail Salon, Hair Salon
    1125 NE Hogan Dr, Gresham
    $15 for a Basic Manicure

    If wedding or special occasion makeup and hair are important to you Rene is truly the Very Best passion in all she does

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Sharol K.
  • 8.3
    Nail Salon, Hair Salon
    239 NE 3rd St, Gresham
    $25 for a manicure

    It had been a year since I had my hair done. I was a bit worried because my hair is very fragile and thin. I was unsure about getting it done because of its...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Denis S.
  • 8.2
    Nail Salon, Hair Salon
    323, Gresham
    $18 for a Manicure

    Thank you Jamey for being so helpful. Trying to find this product hasn't been easy! I hope to from you soon

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Melanie T.
  • 8.1
    Nail Salon
    2007 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham
    $12 for a manicure

    Emily is amazing. She always makes my nails look so pretty. She is definitely a go-to if you're new here and looking for a manicurist. I'm never...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Michelle N.
  • 7.8
    Nail Salon, Day Spa
    1564 NE 8th St, Gresham
    $25 for a manicure

    What an awesome salon to step into...all the open space gives the stylists room to move around their stations as they work on your hair and the openness...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Linda P.
  • 7.8
    Nail Salon
    2433 SE Burnside Rd, Gresham
    $15 for a Manicure

    Always very friendly in here. Even if you don't go in every two weeks they still remember you, and are very polite! Not the nicest nail salon, but if you...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Jerias S.
  • 7.8
    Day Spa
    50 NW 2nd St, Gresham
    $18 for a Basic Manicure (no polish)

    I saw Stephanie for a haircut and full highlights. The highlights are easily the best I have had in years! Very highly recommended!

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Christy Anne B.
  • 7.8
    Nail Salon
    2461 SW Cherry Park Rd, Troutdale
    $12 for a Manicure

    I'm a regular here and go about every two weeks or so. I've had manis, pedis and shellac done here. I've learned the hard way to make an appointment if you...

    Yelp Reviewer Photo Jenn T.