An Eye on Outcomes: Now Optics Retail Brands See Success with Locality Solutions

Jun 4, 2024

Data-Driven Insights Inform Streaming Ad Optimizations Elevating Conversions and Reach

In the competitive landscape of Eye Care marketing, achieving cost-effective results while boosting brand awareness is a vital challenge. This case study dives into how Locality, the preeminent local video solutions provider, partnered with Now Optics to redefine their streaming TV advertising strategy, focusing on Cost Per Booked Appointment (CPBA) as the main Key Performance Indicator (KPI), alongside brand awareness and incremental reach beyond linear TV. In this case study, you’ll find how Locality was able to execute data-driven campaign optimizations based on targeted audience conversions to drive optimal outcomes on a quarter-by-quarter basis from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024.


Prior to collaborating with Locality, Now Optics had encountered hurdles with their streaming TV campaigns. Their former strategy yielded inefficient results that garnered lower than expected conversions. Seeking a more efficient solution, Now Optics turned to Locality in Q1 2023 to revamp their approach.

Campaign Strategy

In Q1 2023, Locality initiated the campaign by targeting Now Optics’s optimal Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) with streaming TV ads, emphasizing CPBA optimization each week, by market. Utilizing LoopMe for measurement, the primary focus was to drive conversions – booked appointments – at a cost-effective rate. The secondary KPI – brand awareness beyond Now Optics’ linear TV media – was reported by To prove incremental reach, we tracked the percent of Now Optics’s streaming ad viewers not reached by their linear TV ads.

Audience Targeting

Locality segmented and optimized campaign target audiences by shifting impressions toward high performing demographic and behavior cohorts with the highest conversion rates at the most efficient CPBA. Over the course of the year, we implemented three data-informed, bespoke audience categories and optimized the campaign accordingly:

  • Custom-created Eye Care Intenders
  • Custom-created Act-A-Like Audiences
  • Re-targeting of potential customers who visited the appointment booking web page, but didn’t convert

The curation of these audiences is proprietary to Locality’s strategy.

Data-Driven Optimizations

Throughout the campaign, Locality’s team continuously optimized the approach driven by dashboard insights and analytics:

  1. Audience Enhancements: New audiences were integrated throughout the 15-month campaign to enhance targeting precision and produce positive outcomes.
  2. Re-targeting: Recognizing a conversion gap from the booked eye exam page early in the campaign, Locality introduced re-targeting strategies to re-engage potential customers.
  3. Consumer Insights Integration: Utilizing data-driven campaign insights, Locality refined targeting parameters based on demographic and behavior data, broadening the campaign’s reach.
Measurement and Success:

Success was measured not only by exceeding Now Optics’s CPBA expectations across markets, but also by the substantial impact on the volume of booked appointments. Conversions have grown QoQ which showcases the effectiveness of Locality’s approach. Incremental reach was achieved as, on average, 74% of Locality’s streaming TV campaign viewers were not reached by Now Optics’s linear TV ads.

















“Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and continuous optimization, Locality’s partnership transforms the way we advertise locally,” said Lukana Justin, SVP of Marketing at Now Optics. “We’re elevating our brand visibility and driving conversions at a cost-efficient rate – success at both ends of the marketing funnel. That’s essential in a very competitive eye care industry landscape.”

Locality continues to partner with Now Optics as Q2 2024 streaming campaigns are well under way.

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