Locality can keep it simple for you, no matter how many apps, devices, screens, and channels emerge year after year. When it comes to streaming ads for local audiences, no one has you covered like Locality.

We know streaming

Locality has direct connections to the most premium streaming publishers across every device. Your ads reach highly engaged consumers watching the best news, entertainment, and live sports at scale. Bringing market-by-market expertise, we help you target every demographic and consumer profile down to the individual household, reaching “cord nevers,” “cord cutters,” and “cord stackers.” We assemble vast volumes of content with highly personalized consumer data so you reach your true customer.

Unique direct-to-publisher access

Guaranteed scale across
premium inventory

As the preferred local partner of top-tier streaming publishers, Locality provides the reach needed to target a specific local audience across a fragmented landscape of apps, platforms, and devices. Benefit from priority access to the most premium streaming inventory — ensuring you connect with your audience right from the source.


Our scale comes from reach,
not frequency

Locality’s unique direct-to-publisher access ensures superior audience reach and quality control for your ad campaigns. We guarantee that your ads won’t play back-to-back or too frequently, protecting the viewer experience. Additionally, our ad delivery is authenticated by HUMAN, verifying that every impression is a real impression.

Stream to the forefront of today’s TV capabilities

Precision targeting at scale

Locality partners with best-in-class industry data providers, enabling you to add behavioral, contextual, demographic, and geographic targeting to your campaign. Do you need specific DMAs, zip codes, states, regions, or a 10-mile radius around your store locations? We can do that.

  • Choose from 60,000 off-the-shelf audience segments.
  • Onboard your first-party data to target or conquest.
  • Expand your audience with advanced modeling.

AI ad customization

Locality makes it simple to transform your ad creative into hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted and hyper-localized ads for your key audiences. Personalized creative can include store locations, sales event countdowns, weather conditions, sequential messages, all delivered directly to your target audience.

Interactive ads

Embed QR codes into your ads to enable shopping experiences and drive sales. Viewers can navigate straight from the TV to your website using their smartphones or tablets. Convert offline and passive TV viewing into active, instant engagement that benefits from trackable metrics that justify your ad spend.

Pause ads

A pause ad offers an unobtrusive but impactful ad experience activated when a viewer pauses the program they’re watching. These still images are best used for:

  • Encouraging an action from the viewer
  • General brand awareness
  • Speaking to a highly attentive audience

Metrics you can count on

Our lineup of data, research, and metrics partners gives advertisers and agencies of all sizes access to advanced targeting and measurement capabilities. Enjoy a clear view of how well your campaigns are working through our customized dashboard.

Measuring outcomes

Ad spending shouldn’t be a guessing game. With Locality’s targeted approach, you can find your ideal customers in their home markets and make your ad budget go further. Track campaign success with advanced measurement capabilities, including:

  • Sales lift
  • Foot traffic
  • Brand studies
  • ACR data
  • Online behavior and web visitation/conversion
  • Vertical data (e.g., auto, QSR, retail, travel)

Case studies


Dedicated service from real people

We have local specialists you can always reach. Get dedicated service from Locality’s team, which can handle all your streaming and broadcast ad buying under one roof. We are experts in your markets and potential customers, focused on making the local buying process simple for you.
Our team can help:

Identify your goals

Target your ads

Deliver your message

Measure your results

We’re with you every step of the way.

Connect with your Locality expert

We’ve got you covered across local broadcast and streaming ads. Learn how we can help.