Precision Play: Leveraging Streaming TV to Drive Engagement in the Sporting Goods Market

Apr 17, 2024

The Challenge

A regional sporting goods store brand set out to enhance its engagement and presence in the market through a targeted streaming TV campaign across 83 U.S. markets. The primary objectives included:

    • Audience Targeting: The brand’s target audience, adults aged 25-54 who are active in sports, exercise, and outdoor activities or have children in their households, represents a diverse and potentially fragmented demographic. Tailoring advertising messages to resonate with such a varied group while ensuring relevance across 83 different markets presents a significant challenge.
    • Competitive Content Landscape: The streaming TV advertising space is becoming increasingly crowded, with numerous brands vying for attention on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Roku, and others. Standing out among competitors and capturing audience attention amidst a sea of content requires strategic planning and execution.
    • Localized Marketing: While the brand operates in 83 markets across the Southeast and South-Central regions of the U.S., each market may have unique characteristics and consumer preferences. Implementing localized marketing strategies to tailor messaging and promotions to specific market nuances can enhance relevance and effectiveness.
    • Measurement Effectiveness: Building awareness, fostering ad recall, and consideration among consumers is crucial for driving engagement and ultimately, conversions. Tracking the performance of streaming TV advertising campaigns – reach, frequency, ad recall, and conversions – across multiple markets and platforms requires robust measurement and analytics capabilities enabling the brand to optimize campaign effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Locality’s Solutions

Leveraging its unique relationships with premium publishers and deep expertise in local markets, Locality tailored a streaming TV advertising strategy for the sporting goods brand to achieve the campaign objectives.

    • Custom Data-Driven Audience Development: Utilizing partnerships with best-in-class data providers, Locality developed a highly specific audience profile targeting adults interested in sports and outdoor activities. This precision targeting approach incorporated behavioral, contextual, demographic, and geographic insights tailored to the unique characteristics of each of the 83 selected markets. By aligning the ads with local consumer behaviors and preferences, Locality ensured that each campaign was relevant and resonated with the right viewers in the right locations, enhancing the effectiveness of the brand’s advertising efforts.
    • Locally Targeted Live Sports Ad Inventory: Locality strategically placed the advertisements within locally targeted streaming ad inventory across premium live sports content. By leveraging a unified, direct network of streaming TV apps and services, Locality ensured that the ads reached the desired audience segments in the most contextually relevant and engaging environments, such as NFL, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, NHL, and College Football and other live sports.
    • Measurement Partnerships: Locality partnered with Upwave to measure the effectiveness of the retail brand’s geo-targeted live sports streaming video campaign. By evaluating key metrics such as awareness, ad recall, and purchase consideration among ad viewers compared to a control group of lookalike audiences that did not view the ad, Locality gained valuable insights into the campaign’s performance helping to make data-driven adjustments to maximize campaign effectiveness and ROI.


By adopting a comprehensive and integrated approach encompassing audience insights, strategic planning, and data-driven optimizations, Locality empowered the regional sporting goods retail brand to elevate awareness, engagement, and consideration among its target audience. Through targeted advertising placement within premium sports content and rigorous measurement of campaign effectiveness, Locality facilitated growth and success for the brand in its target markets:

    • 16% pt. lift in Brand Awareness [74% ad viewers vs. 58% control group]
    • 16% pt. lift in Ad Recall [45% ad viewers vs. 29% control group]
    • 11% pt. lift in Purchase Consideration [56% ad viewers vs. 45% control group]

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