Driving Local Success: How Targeted Streaming TV Ads Boosted Dealership Foot Traffic for an Automotive Brand

Apr 19, 2024

The Challenge

An automotive brand aimed to boost dealership foot traffic in 12 key U.S. DMAs to enhance market share. The primary objectives included:

Target Audience Identification: Pinpointing adults aged 25-54 interested in buying or leasing a new vehicle within these DMAs required a deep understanding of their streaming habits and preferences for precise targeting.

Regional Targeting and DMA Selection: Each DMA presented unique consumer behaviors and competitive landscapes, necessitating tailored advertising strategies to ensure local relevance while maintaining overall brand consistency.

Measuring Foot Traffic Impact: The campaign’s success hinged on accurately tracking how streaming TV ads influenced dealership visits, requiring robust metrics and tracking systems to link advertising efforts to increased foot traffic effectively.

Locality Solutions

Locality’s streaming TV advertising solutions for the automotive brand took a comprehensive approach to address the challenges outlined. Here’s how Locality tackled each aspect:

Custom Data-Driven Audience: Leveraging partnerships with best-in-class data providers, Locality crafted a highly specific audience profile targeting adults aged 25-54 interested in buying or leasing new vehicles. This precision targeting approach included behavioral, contextual, demographic, and geographic insights tailored to the unique characteristics of each of the 12 selected DMAs. By aligning the ads with local consumer behaviors and preferences, Locality ensured that each campaign was relevant and resonated with the right viewers in the right locations, enhancing the effectiveness of the brand’s advertising efforts.

Premium Streaming Video Ad Inventory: Leveraging Locality’s unique direct-to-publisher access with top-tier streaming publishers, the auto brand achieved maximum reach among its target local audience across premium streaming inventory. The campaign achieved high visibility and engagement among consumers watching the most popular streaming news, entertainment, and sports content. This strategic placement not only connected the brand with potential buyers but also optimized ad quality and protected the viewer experience, effectively reaching “cord nevers,” “cord cutters,” and “cord stackers” in their key markets.

Measurement Partnerships: Locality collaborated with leading auto-specific data providers to enhance the precision of the automotive brand’s campaign measurement. Our customized dashboard transparently displayed key metrics such as ad viewership, engagement, and conversions—specifically visits to dealership locations. This approach provided critical insights and allowed for a detailed assessment of how effectively the streaming TV ads drove foot traffic. By tracking essential metrics and automotive-specific data, we ensured that the campaign’s goals were achieved with measurable success.


The targeted and strategic approach of Locality’s streaming TV advertising campaign yielded significant results for the automotive brand. By focusing on precision targeting and premium ad placements, the campaign drove a remarkable increase in dealership visits:

  • 0.52% of Locality’s streaming automotive campaign viewers visited a physical dealership location.
  • That’s a 21% higher conversion rate than linear TV viewers of the same campaign and 62% higher than Locality’s automotive conversion benchmark.

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