A Well-Balanced Approach: How Local Data Helped a Health Insurer Maximize Its Targeted Broadcast TV Campaign

Apr 18, 2024

The Challenge

In the fiercely competitive world of health insurance advertising, targeting the right demographic effectively while maintaining budget efficiency is crucial. A leading health insurer aimed to enhance visibility among Adults 65+ within a specific Designated Market Area (DMA). The choice of local broadcast television as a medium was strategic, aimed at maximizing coverage while curbing wasteful expenditure.

Audience Targeting Precision: The core focus was the Adults 65+ demographic. The task involved pinpointing the most relevant TV stations and optimal air times to engage this group effectively. This required a deep dive into viewership behaviors across 11 counties, ensuring a precise match between broadcast content and viewer preferences.

Cost Optimization: With a finite advertising budget, the client sought to optimize spending to achieve maximum impact. Balancing the cost of airtime across various broadcast channels and time slots with the potential reach and viewership of each placement was essential to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Locality Solutions

Employing comprehensive audience data and strategic resource allocation, Locality’s broadcast TV advertising solutions were tailor-made to meet the needs of the health insurance advertiser. This approach helped to precisely target the demographic of Adults 65+ within the DMA.

Targeted Audience Identification: Locality harnessed data from Nielsen and MRI Simmons to gain insights into the viewing habits and preferences of Adults 65+ in the DMA, leading to informed decision-making in ad placements:

    • NLTV (Nielsen Local Television Viewer): Utilizing Nielsen’s data, Locality crafted a detailed daypart ranker that provided ratings and impressions across different times and channels, allowing the selection of the most opportune moments and stations for reaching Adults 65+.
    • MRI Simmons: This qualitative data helped refine targeting strategies further by identifying channels that were most frequented by Adults 65+ who were also existing customers of the insurer, enhancing content relevance and resonance.

Customized Data Analysis: The analysis yielded crucial insights:

    • Identification of a TV station that ranked first in engagement with Adults 65+ during most dayparts, highlighting its strong viewership and impact..
    • Recognition of patterns showing strong performance across nearly every county within the DMA, confirming the station’s effectiveness in reaching the target audience.
    • Confirmation that the top-performing station aligned well with the insurer’s existing customer demographics, maximizing campaign resonance.

The Results

Leveraging strategic insights and exclusive access to premium local broadcast TV inventory, Locality maximized the insurer’s ad placement opportunities. This advantage allowed for optimal TV station budgeting and daypart allocation, dramatically enhancing the campaign’s reach and engagement. The insurer focused its spending on the most effective station during a high-profile event, significantly boosting visibility and impact among Adults 65+. This strategic use of exclusive inventory ensured an excellent return on investment.


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