Amplifying Voices: How Locality’s Broadcast TV Solutions Boosted Political Engagement in Ohio

Apr 19, 2024

The Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of Ohio politics, a local political marketing group encountered significant hurdles in communicating their message to critical voting blocks. As the market’s uncertainties grew, the need to amplify their message and mobilize voter turnout became increasingly urgent.

Achieve Maximum Reach Among a Targeted Broadcast Audience: Recognizing these challenges, the group partnered with Locality to launch a targeted broadcast TV advertising campaign. Focused on adults aged 35 and above—a demographic pivotal in influencing public opinion and policy—the campaign aimed to make a resonant impact across the state.

Locality’s Solution

Locality’s approach combined deep local insights with exclusive access to premium, local broadcast solutions tailored to meet the specific objectives of the campaign:

Leveraging Insights: Locality provided the advertiser insights from the Nielsen Local Television Viewer (NLTV) study. This included comprehensive data showcasing the strength and effectiveness of advertising within the Wheeling-Steubenville DMA, particularly for engaging Ohio voters aged 35 and above.

Targeted Audience Reach: Locality identified that specific local broadcast stations reached more adults aged 35+ than any competitors in the region. By strategically placing ads during peak viewership times and on programs that resonated with the target audience, the campaign’s reach was maximized, ensuring the message was heard loud and clear.

Local News Delivery: Locality’s analysis revealed the crucial role of local news in reaching Ohio voters. Integrating the campaign’s message into trusted local news broadcasts not only enhanced relevance but also leveraged the credibility of these sources. This strategic approach directly addressed voter concerns, boosting engagement and enhancing the campaign’s trustworthiness.

Strategic Campaign Planning: Armed with insights from Locality’s data analysis, this political advertiser made informed decisions about their campaign strategies and budget allocations. Locality’s offered comprehensive campaign planning support, including voter targeting and media buying to ensure maximum impact and ROI.

Overall, Locality’s local TV solutions empowered the political campaign with actionable insights and strategic support to effectively engage target audiences, maximize reach, and drive results in key markets within Ohio. By leveraging data-driven approaches and local targeting, political advertisers can optimize their campaigns for success and achieve their objectives with confidence.


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